Blood Donation: A Destination In Hard Economic Time

March 10, 2013


RESEDA, CA – Blood donor who attend the Kedplasma center are survey as a cater to low income and minority groups who face hard economic times. However, donor come here in order to make gas money, bus fairs, and something to get by. Many use this opportunity to get in and out of work in order to fulfill their obligation. David Morales, a lay-off factory work, comes to donate in order to get gas money so he could look for a job. Staff employees have often said they see the same donors every three days in order to make ends meet.


Rescue Dog Show in Hollywood Sets Off For Adopted Pets

January 13, 2013


LOS ANGELES – Prospective Pet Owners had come to Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood to rescue dogs and other pets here at the Rescue Dog Show. These dogs have either came from the streets, broken homes, abused owners or have been abandoned for a certain period of time. Two of the biggest donors, Emily and Patrick Berg, adopted Snoop who was living in the streets and Janice and Lee Davis adopted Zeus who was abandoned by his owners. Each had donated $5,000 to the Pet For Life Foundation for the purpose charity and cause. About 28 dogs were adopted at this show that gave new life to these dogs in a new home.

Southern California Parents Mourn the Loss After the Newton Elementary School Devastation

December 15, 2012


LOS ANGELES – In the recent events of the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings, parents in Torrance, CA had honored the kids and teachers who served the Newton elementary school in the wakening of the Friday’s events. A small gathering was held at Jessica Holdings’ home, who’s a Catholic School Teacher at Loyola High School in the Koreatown district.


“This is a time to think about our young children and their future. On Friday what happen was a tragedy that killed 26 people including 20 children whose lives fell short,” Said Holdings. “My prayers go to all of the family who lost the young kids in that tragedy. This is not acceptable.  We cannot afford to let something like this happen in our schools.”


Parents, including friends and family members of Holdings, all created cards and candles in order to give their prayers. A recent Torrance parent, who wishes not be identified, then stated, “It’s time that we as parents and teachers come together and think about the safety of our children. It’s hard to believe that a young man steps in and opens fire for no reason.”


In the Sandy Hook event, where 20-year-old Adam Lanza was identified as the suspect that involved his mother and 25 other bystanders in the incident. However, there’s a pending investigation with the Connecticut authorities with the reasoning behind the shootings. President Obama later gave a statement giving sorrow and grieving for the families who lost their children in the shooting.


Holdings, a mother of two children, had skipped out on a school related activity to be with her family in order to be with her family.


James Greer, a security officer at Holdings’ school, always felt safe about security the Loyola School.  “I always have to keep out on the look out. The school has been known to be in a neighborhood where crime is high, we work LAPD in order to keep our school safe for their own sake.”


Till this day, no one really knows what the motives were and a lot of questions still fly up in the air about Lanza’s problems.


One school principal from Johns Adams Middle School in Santa Monica, another who didn’t want to be identified and attended Holdings’ gather, later stated, “ We want to assure our children that they’re in a safe environment. It’s a tragedy that happened over the course of time. It’s our a job to help them forget about what happened on Friday.”


Greer then stated, “I won’t be surprised if the gun issue comes up. It’s already going to be a stir everywhere.”


It’s not the first time that happened in American history. The recent Columbine shooting in Colorado had stirred controversy and problems about the use of weapons when weapons were set foot on campus in the wrong hands. The other incidents in 2012, the Aurora shooting at a movie theater in the opening of the Dark Knight Rises and the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin has stirred buzz about people’s control in purchasing weapons. In 2007, the Virginia Tech campus was struck with tragedy, when the shooter had took the lives of 33 students.


Holdings’ then stated, “Guns have been a problem in this country. Our representatives and our government have done nothing to stop the violence in our schools.” She then stated that she opposed the NRA’s interest to protect their government right to a weapon. “NRA doesn’t think clearly and doesn’t take this tragedy in consideration. It’s our right to protect the safety of our children and think about what happened on Friday. This is not acceptable.” Parents at the Torrance were expecting that gun debate will be revived in the coming weeks.

Bush Tax Cuts: On The Verge of A Fight

December 9, 2012


WASHINGTON – On the Hill, both Republicans and Democrats are currently in debate over the Bush tax cuts that expected to expire at the end of the fiscal year. With the economy in the fragile state, President Barack Obama and Congressional House Speak John Boehner have collided on the fiscal issues to maintain the tax code. Republican have argued the need of the Bush tax cuts will prevent raising taxes on all Americans, while Democrats have argued that it will maintain a tax break for the top 2% earners.


Congressional Republicans have argued that the tax rate must be maintained at 35% for all Americans.  As President Obama pushes for higher tax rate for the top earners, Rep. Boehner offered $800 million in new revenues that would reduce or eliminate tax break for the upper class. Although, President Obama has dealt with Republicans in giving middle class families the tax cuts if the Republican Congress wants to extend the Bush tax cuts.


According to Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA), he argued that the fiscal cliff is desperate situation for Republicans to save their tax cuts in order for millionaires to fill up their bank accounts.  However, Rep. Tom Cole later came under fire for taking the 98% of earners off the were to be taken off the fiscal cliff table, which Idaho Republican Re. Raul Labrador express disappointment and argued on his record in the House of Representatives. However, Republican Senator Bob Corker later than stated that he was willing to consider higher tax cuts for higher income earners in return for federal entitlements. However, Republicans had proposed tightening Social Security and Medicare. Republican argued that Obama’s plan would raise $1.6 trillion in the deficit. Democratic Senator Charles Schumer warned that Corker will not likely to hold on to his position in raising taxes.


Meanwhile, the Democratic leadership in the house had proposed a tax cut extension for the middle class. Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had stated that the top 2% earners needed to pay their fair share. The changes in the past administration was seen that middle class families were taxed $2,200 more in 2003 than 2001. However, the Democratic leadership then took a position that small businesses weren’t able to grow and the unemployment rate at 8% taking a toll on American’s who are falling behind in their obligations and losing out in paying for their own bills.

Unemployment: Slowly Changing

LOS ANGELES – With Americans struggling looking for work, businesses going down under, it raises questions how Americans are putting their trust in President Obama’s approach for his second term. With the unemployment rate at 8.7%, Americans are in question where the jobs are created and where jobs can be found.

According to the Labor Department, 171,000 jobs were created in October and were expecting a slow growth in the next 6 months. States hit hard the highest unemployment; such as Nevada, California, New York, New Jersey, and Michigan have experienced the hardest hit with higher percentage rate than 8% with businesses crumbling down.

According to the Atlantic Wire, more jobs have been created in healthcare with 44,000 job openings, warehousing with 9,000 job openings and finance at 13,000 jobs. Blogging jobs have also been created with others participating in social media that includes various websites, such as Tumblr and Facebook.


In 2009, job losses 818,000 when the financial crisis hit with fall of Lehman Brothers in the prior year during the George W. Bush administration.

Los Angeles Mayoral Race Faces Critical Vote

November 27, 2012

LOS ANGELES – Today, the city of Los Angeles will decide it’s next mayor by May 21, 2013. Los Angeles incumbent mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, is termed out for the next election, which he hasn’t decided who he will endorse in the next year. Three major candidates, L.A. City Controller Wendy Greuel and L.A City Councilman Eric Garcetti, both whom are Democrats, and Kevin James, an attorney and radio talk show host, who is a Republican, have thrown their hats into the race.

Greuel, former DreamWorks executive, has been focused on getting the Latino vote that would be crucial for the incoming election, which they make up 48% of the population in the city of Los Angeles. She had received endorsement from most influential Hispanics as Garcetti had received endorsement from former California politicians.

“Greuel and Garcetti are heavily focusing on the Latino vote because it’s the outcome that’s going to decide this election,” Rob Velasquez, a Democratic Strategist. “it was the case in the presidential election, but it will be in the decision in Los Angeles.

Garcetti, current Council member, is a fourth generation Angeleno with Mexican and Italian ancestry. He has focused his campaign on stronger economy and looks to keep the safety of the city in a stronger shape.

Meanwhile, Kevin James is currently focusing to keep Los Angeles in a stable budget, which the city has been facing a deficit for the past 6 years with over $3 million. However, James’ is looking to halt corruption, which $1-Million handout was loan to businesses in the city. Although, James’ is looking to make Los Angeles a better environment for small businesses to grow, which would help stimulate jobs for struggling middle class families.

According to former Republican Strategist, Daniel Ballard, he feel’s that this race will base upon who makes the best alternative, “More importantly, when the city has had problems with corruptions in the past from the LAPD scandal to the problems with scandals in the government, at the end of the day, voters will have to evaluate who can come up with the best solution for the city.”

Copyright: Who’s Violates Without Asking

Copyrighting has been the biggest problem in the history of the media. Under federal U.S. law, no person should use or copy any identical invention or writing without the permission of the author. The author always copyrights the articles in order to protect the credibility of their work.

In a famous case of Hustler Magazine v. Falwell in the Supreme Court, the late Rev. Jerry Falwell had copied articles of Hustler Magazine’s parody article about his first time without Larry Flynt’s permission. However, Falwell sued for libel and damages that resulted in a $200,000 settlement in emotional distress.  Later, Flynt’s lawyer, Allen Issacman argued in the Supreme Court that not only it’s infringement on Falwell’s part, but also it’s a value of freedom of speech that would question the spreading of religion.

According to Steve Ludlow, a Los Angeles attorney, Falwell had copied the article for his fundraiser in order to disapprove and rebel against Flynt’s action but found himself in trouble with Hustler Magazine. “What Jerry Falwell did in the 1980s wasn’t the smartest thing what he did since he chose not bother buying an issue of Hustler Magazine, but would take it to a print shop for his political gain.” The articles were spotted at his event regarding the parody of his interview. “Every media outlet or show have the right to question their government or create any sort of parody since it’s protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.”

It was a result that public figures were either role models or controversial no matter how they were liked and disliked by the public. The limitation to copyright is that the author would have the right to limit anything to the other party in order to protect their credibility. Ludlow then added, “If you’re going to make a car and have a design similar to a Mercedes-Benz, then you would have to talk to Daimler to have their permission in order to take certain parts of that design so you don’t have to go to court.” Under paten law, no party can resell or any infringed items that would misrepresent their credibility. All rights are reserved from a company or person that would prevent any or sort of resell under the Copyright Act of 1976.